Our Live chat service enables you to chat live to our support receptionist to ask quick, general questions about Heritage Cirqa or our services. It is in addition to our existing systems for providing support and training that may relate specifically to your Heritage Cirqa system.

Our aim is to help you get answers to questions when you need them and where the simplicity of these queries often outweighs the normal support case response times.  We also hope to give you confidence in utilising all the features that your library management software provides.

Live chat is strictly for ‘How to’ questions and advice on the general operation and functionality of Heritage Cirqa. We will not be able to address problems and issues that may be specific or unique to your own system. If we are unable to provide all the help you need over Live chat, we can advise you on the best route for your enquiry.

Examples of Live chat topics:
" How do I find out how to..."
" Is there a standard report that would give me..?"
" Where in Heritage Cirqa do I configure..."
" Where do I view my cases?"
" What help document could I use to do the following..."

If your query or issue is specific to your system and will require any amount of investigation, possibly screenshots of errors etc, then please contact the Support team in the usual manner.

Transcripts of chats can be saved to your customer account for future reference and be viewed in the same place as your cases.