For many libraries the summer months are quieter, offering library staff a chance to catch up with essential administration and planning for the year ahead.

If you’re working over the summer then why not use the time to improve your knowledge of the facilities Heritage Cirqa offers you? It could save you time and stress in the long run.

We have created five new ‘Summer School’ webinars, based on topics that Heritage Cirqa users have asked for in recent years. We are also offering the chance to view two of our most popular summer webinars. You might just view one session, or buy a ticket for all of them.


Summer School Programme

The live sessions have all been delivered now and the recordings are available to view. The Summer School 2022 Programme gives details of each of the sessions. 



As with all our webinars, each of the above is £30 plus VAT for an individual ticket. All sessions are free to those who hold an Annual Pass, but you can contact us to purchase a Summer School pass for £100 plus VAT (individual) or £200 plus VAT (institution) to access all of the above. Individual Summer School passes are for an individual user only and are not transferrable. Institution Summer School passes can be used by anyone in your institution who has a login.

Recordings of each session are available until 31st August 2022.



If you wish to purchase a pass for all webinars then contact to order one. If you are only interested in certain webinars you can select the one(s) you are interested in here. The webinar recordings will be available to view via your login and are for your viewing only (unless you have an institution pass). Your cirqasupport login must not be shared. Access to the recordings will be monitored to ensure security and prevent abuse.