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This coming January marks 25 years of IS Oxford developing, supplying and supporting Heritage and Heritage Cirqa. There is much to celebrate in this landmark, but we are also excited to look forward to the next 25 years. So, we would like to use this 25th year to open a dialogue with you, our brilliant users, to make 2019 our 'Year of Learning'. We hope to canvas your opinions and ideas in different ways throughout the coming year.

So, we thought we'd start early with an Advent survey to take us into the new year. Please help us map out a future that serves you well, by giving just a few minutes of your time to complete the survey.

Each completed survey will trigger a £5 donation to one of several charitable causes you can choose from*. Plus, if you submit your details, we can enter you into a daily prize draw to win a £10 gift card (which carries forward for the whole Advent period) or, if you would prefer not to, you can complete the survey anonymously.

*Up to a maximum of £5,000

Let's get started...